Sunday, April 25, 2010

One week until the Eau Claire marathon

Short update. My 20-milers went very well this marathon training cycle. I feel good and should have a nice run in the marathon. I'm expecting a 3:45 to 3:50 finish based on the few races I've done this spring but if I have an outstanding day in every way, a 3:35 is not out of the question.


Sunday, April 4, 2010

Ron Daws 25K 2010

I ran the Ron Daws 25K and again this year the course was changed due to road construction. I thought it was a pretty tough course and to get the distance we ran an 8-mile route twice. Temps in the 40s and sun were nice but the wind gusts made the run a little tougher.

Since last Fall I've been exercising with fewer days of running per week and more days off and usually two days of cycle classes each week. Also, if family activities came up, I'd skip a day of running. It was a good 6-month experiment with the change to less running. I also did not pay careful attention to my nutrition, and I have been gaining weight.

Putting everything together I am not in as good running shape as I was last Fall but I have had no major injuries either. The few times I've been injured over the winter were just to my feet and were from stepping on a chunk of ice or snow or hitting an uneven surface. Typical winter running hazards. I recovered quickly from those injuries.

Back to Ron Daws. I had 16.0 miles on my Garmin and two of my friends did too. I wanted to use this race to estimate how I may do in the Eau Claire marathon in 4 weeks so I wanted a 25K time to put into the McMillan Running Calculator. I had 2:11 at 25K and 2:14 at the finish. Not a 1:57 like I had when I ran it last in 2008 but it is what it is. The McMillian calculator puts me in the 3:50s for a marathon. I know the EC marathon will not have the hills like I ran yesterday so I think my marathon capability at the moment is to finish in the 3:40s to 4:00.

If anyone wants to see what the course was this year, you can click on my Garmin data below:

Ron Daws 25K 2010 by at Garmin Connect - Details

update: The race results have been posted and officially the course was only 0.2 miles too long and my time was 2:14:22.