Sunday, August 31, 2008

First place to the wrong guy

I ran the Buckshot run in Eau Claire, WI yesterday with Jim and Kristen. The Buckshot run has 5 mile and 2 mile distances. I ran both and was happy with my times as the day before I ran a 20.7 mile long run. I was far from winning the 2 mile race so the rest of this won't be about me.

This year is the 26th Buckshot run but the first year they used chip timing. Now here is my problem with the finish. Larry Mboga and Paul Hetke had a very close finish. I didn't see it, and although it was very close, Mboga crossed the finish line first. During the awards ceremony, the race director said that although Mboga crossed first, the chip timing showed that Hetke was 0.1 seconds faster. Therefore, first place was awarded to Hetke.

I was always under the impression that the leaders used 'gun time' to prevent this situation from happening. Runners back from the leaders used chip time. First place went to the wrong guy, in my opinion. The guy who fought it out to the end and finished in front of the rest should be the winner.

Here is the news article on the race at the Eau Claire Leader-Telegram.

Update 8/31: Others view it as I do. Here is another article from the Leader-Telegram.


Monday, August 25, 2008

Ragnar Relay, Great River (finished)

This was my second year of running the Great River Relay. I'll be reserving this weekend for the relay for years to come! It was another great experience. I won't say much here but I really love running up a 2-mile long, 450 foot high hill at midnight! You really have to experience it.

The 12-person team I was on, Live to Win, did not win but we were 20th overall out of 168. We finished in 27:18:12 for a 7:57 average pace over 205.8 miles! Yet another race I look forward to running next year.


Saturday, August 16, 2008

Ragnar Relay, Great River

This coming Friday and Saturday is the Great River Relay. I'm on a twelve person team and each of us will run 3 legs to cover the 205 mile race. We start in LaCrosse, WI at noon on Thursday and finish at Boom Island in Minneapolis 28 or 29 hours later. This year our team name is: Live to Win. This is the third year of the relay. The first year there were 30+ teams, 100 last year, and 180 this year. My posting from last year is here.


Monday, August 11, 2008

Race bibs (again)

I posted too soon about my missing race bibs. I found them hidden in a stack of running magazines. Now they're back in my dresser drawer where they belong!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Race bibs. Keep or throw?

I keep mine. Scratch that. I kept mine. :-(

I had about 20. I kept them from every race. It's only been 3 years so it's been pretty easy to hang onto them. I have (had) them pinned together in order. This morning I took my TC Ultra Festival bib off my dresser and was going to pin it with the others. Hmmmm... I can't find the race bibs. Well, a few weeks ago I did some long overdue spring cleaning. I suspect my race bibs are snuggling together in a landfill somewhere. Or maybe they somehow made it into the recycling.

Well, I can't find them and my mind draws a blank when I think of where I could have put them. There is a small chance they will show up. A few years ago I lost my heart rate monitor for two months, until I looked in my 'kayaking box', and there it was. So now, my stack of race bibs is a stack of one. Until my next race.


Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Hot Yoga

I never tried hot yoga before this morning. My friend Kristen offered to take me to a class and it seemed like the 3rd day after a l-o-n-g run would be the perfect time. It was the perfect time. I want to do hot yoga 3 days after every hard race. My muscles felt so good after class and throughout the day.

This week:

Sun: 3.5 miles
Mon: 6.2 miles
Tues: 3 miles plus hot yoga
Wed: 2 miles
Thu: 20.7 miles <<< shouldn't have done this but it's too late now.
Fri: hot yoga
Sat: day off
Sun: day off

Sunday, August 3, 2008

I got the 10th lap in today...

Yesterday I ran 8 laps around Lake Calhoun. I was planning for ten but that was enough. Dave, Karl, and Kristen were there supporting me and I asked them to walk lap 9 with me. We walked most of the way and ran in the last mile. The 9th lap took 55:03. Then I dropped out of the race. Another lap to finish out the 10 wouldn't have done much for improving my physical condition.

Leap forward one day.

Today the Hennepin-Lake Classic 10K and 5K races were held at Lake Calhoun. I was not entered in the races but my friends Kristen and Karl were running the double header, the 10K at 8:15 and the 5K at 9:30. Karl and I had talked about running an easy lap around the lake between races but we hadn't really thought about the timing.

The 10K started and finished and Karl and I went off on a short walk and maybe a 0.4 mile run back to where the 5K would start. There was no time for a lap around the lake. Meanwhile, Kristen was wondering where I was with her car keys. Sorry Kristen, at least I didn't lose them!

I can't remember if I thought of this idea or Karl or Kristen did, but I was going to run a 5K on yesterday's race path the same time they were running the 5K. I would be able to 'run with them' from a distance. Today's race was on the road of course. So... Kristen got into her starting spot, Karl and I said a few words, and off the runners went. I had to hoof it down to the running path to get started on my 5K. I started my timer and took off. I couldn't see my friends but kept on the watch for them the entire lap. I thought they were ahead of me but I learned later they were behind me. I looped the lake and then crossed my starting point to get a 5K. 22:48. Very good for me and an average 7:21 pace. A nice speedy little run that made sure my feet and legs still worked after my 25+ miles yesterday. It was nice to get the 10th lap in even if was a day late and in the opposite direction.

Tomorrow I'm hoping to do an easy 6.


Saturday, August 2, 2008

Twin Cities Ultra Festival 50K

First, I want to thank Patrick for inviting me to run his race. It was a perfect opportunity for me to gather some data about myself running long distances. It was also a pleasure meeting other runners, race volunteers, and people out there supporting the race in general.

Although I had planned to run all 50K, that did not happen. After 8 laps my mind felt a little 'off'. I wasn't quite dizzy, but I wasn't 'on' anymore. This was a race where I was gathering heart rate and pace data, primarily for the marathon distance, so there was no need to tough it out any longer. 24.8 miles was enough.

The race started at 5am. WCCO was reporting 59 degrees in Minneapolis, I had 61 in Eagan. This was much better than the 70 I was expecting for an overnight low. First we ran a little out and back at the start. This was to compensate for the slightly under 3.1 mile laps to come. My plan was to run by heart rate and let the pace be what it is. I planned for heart rates of 154 for 13 miles, 157 for the next 7 and 160 for 6. I'll step through the laps one by one.

Lap 1. Ave HR: 148, pace: 7:57.
This was a very nice starter lap. I got to run most of it with Sonya D. My HR was a little low as some of it was just warming up.

Lap 2. Ave HR: 154, pace: 8:01.
Perfect. Nothing unusual here.

Lap 3. Ave HR: 155, pace: 8:23.
I felt a little 'off'. This lap included a 35 second break to refill my water bottle. HR was still exactly where I wanted it.

Lap 4. Ave HR: 154, pace: 8:24.
Another normal lap.

Lap 5. Ave HR: 155, pace: 8:42.
I took a 25 second water break. I'm starting to slow down. I decided to run 5 laps before letting my HR go up to 157. It was easier to keep track of this way.

Lap 6. Ave HR: 156, pace: 9:39.
This lap included a 2:30 bathroom break and a 30 second water break. My pace, without the bathroom break, would have been 8:52. I slowed down a bit more. Ugh. It is what it is. My legs are feeling fatigued but are not cramping.

Lap 7. Ave HR: 157, pace: 9:33.
My friend Dave showed up to support me. He wasn't ready when I came through the aid station to join me so he'll run with me on Lap 8. Slow now. My legs are tired.

Lap 8. Ave HR: 153, pace: 10:08.
I took a 30 second water break but you can see my pace is very slow. The interesting part is my HR is going down. My legs were so tired it was hard to move faster. This lap I went through almost a full 22 oz. bottle of water.

I'm now at the 24.8 mile mark at 3:42:23.

I'm essentially done. There is no benefit to keep going now.

Lap 9. Ave HR: doesn't matter, pace: doesn't matter.

I didn't feel like keeping running at this point. My friends Kristen and Karl were there and ready to run with me. I took a long break and decided we would all walk together. I felt good just walking but I ran in the last mile. I told the timekeepers that I would not be running another lap.

Dave rode away on his bike and I walked Kristen and Karl back to where they parked. I ran back to the aid station (about a mile) and packed up my stuff to go home.

In all, I ran 26.7 miles.

I learned that I'm not good in the heat for long distances. I can't keep the pace that I can in the cold. Not unusual, I suppose.

I really enjoyed this event and the people I met. Thanks again to Patrick and everyone else involved. A special thanks goes to Bill Parker who ran 7 laps in the opposite direction to cheer the runners on twice per lap!

update: Keith has posted an excellent race report on his blog.