Wednesday, June 12, 2013

my first 6 mile run of 2013

I have been running almost zero miles for many months. I'm feeling like running now so I wrote about my longest run of 2013 on tumblr. I've been doing more on tumblr lately but since this blog has been pretty much dormant for some time now, not sure of it's future direction.

edit: I deleted Tumblr some time ago; now picking up this blog again in 2018.



Londell said...

Did my first 5 mile yesterday... Now Grandma's and I will increase that 5 fold... At least we started. Hope health allows you to continue!

Double said...

Sweet. I have a bread and butter loop I do which is 6.3 miles. It is just about the right distance for feeling you got your monies worth out of the day.